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Christi Electris attends Impact Investors Input Session in Boston

Croatan Institute Senior Associate Christi Electris joined other local impact investing leaders on February 25 in a roundtable discussing the status and future of social entrepreneurship in Boston.

The meeting was hosted by the Boston Impact Initiative and Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition, a program of the Institute of Policy Studies in Boston. The group discussed questions including, “How do we weave together a resilient eco-system of capital providers, technical assistance, and local businesses?” and “How do we help local businesses prepare reasonable capital requests?”

The participants also discussed the feasibility of launching a Community Investment Portal or Hub in Boston that could connect impact investors and other forms of friendly capital to local businesses and social entrepreneurs, and would help match businesses with the appropriate technical assistance and support resources available to them. This meeting was the first of a series of input meetings and convenings meant to provide input on how to best increase impact investment in the local community, including from non-accredited investors.

For more about Croatan’s work in this area, see our program on impact investing.

Christi Electris can be reached for questions at christi [at]