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Croatan Institute works regularly with highly engaged funding partners on path-breaking initiatives addressing critical problems across the landscape of finance, sustainability, and economic development. 

The following active projects provide a wide range of opportunities for sponsors, funders, and donors to engage more deeply in the collaborative work of the Institute:



Revised ppt cover imageClean Portfolio Project (CPP)

CPP is developing an educational portfolio by identifying investable strategies across a variety of asset classes in themes ranging from renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, to organic agriculture and clean technology. To learn more about the CPP, and how it is continuing and expanding the work done in the DivestInvest Clean Fifteen, including current sponsorship opportunities, click here. Contact Christi Electris to learn more.


Organic Agriculture Revitalization Strategy (OARS)Farmers market blueberries

The OARS Project is working to identify business and economic development opportunities in regional value chains and to mobilize capital to help build community health and wealth. To learn more about OARS, including sponsorship opportunities, please click here. Contact Kristin Lang to learn more.


Activating Your Investments for Impact2impact

The institute is developing an introduction to social and environmental impact investing for individual investors. The online curriculum is currently under development. To learn more about sponsoring this initiative, click here. For more information please contact Christi Electris


Enlargement of the Impact of Equity Engagement (IE2) Initiative Fotolia 6478809 Subscription Monthly M

Croatan Institute has been coordinating a multi-stakeholder initiative to develop a robust framework for understanding the impact of corporate engagement activities by public equity investors in an effort to integrate public equity investing more deeply into the impact investing field. To learn more about the expansion of the Impact of Equity Engagement (IE2) Initiative to encompass additional asset classes, please contact Christi Electris to learn more.


Crowdfunding Action Learning Program 


After running crowdfunding trainings since 2014 as technical assistance to foundation grantees, we are now opening up our course to the public, so that we can empower groups working across the new economy to be able to use the latest tools for fundraising to their advantage, from grassroots organizers to independent and cooperative business owners and innovators, as well as nonprofits working for social and environmental justice. With some support from the New Economy Coalition, we will be able to provide some scholarship support to a few qualified groups. To learn about joining the course or sponsoring additional scholarship funds to help this course reach those who need it most, please contact Christi Electris


Croatan Forum

27379247252 90d3329566 o 1The Inaugural Croatan Forum took place on October 2-4, 2018, in Durham, NC, and was designed as a new gathering for people to engage in deep discussion of pressing issues at the critical nexus where finance, sustainability, and economic development intersect.

The goal of the Forum is to create a thought-provoking, multi-day conversation where 75-100 people will gather to discuss cross-cutting issues that are central to the Institute's mission, such as place-based investing in regenerative agriculture and resilient, regional food systems; total portfolio approaches to impact investing in climate solutions, business and human rights, and socially inclusive business; investor engagement on environmental and social challenges; and financial sustainability and systemic risk.

The next Croatan Forum is tentatively slated for Spring 2020. Contact us to learn about sponsorship opportunites for the Croatan Forum. 



How to support these initiatives 

    • Donate: If you would like to donate to any of the following initiatives, please include a note in the comments field with your donation about the program you would like it to support.
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    • Sponsor: For more information about the available opportunities or with questions about which opportunity is best for you, please contact Christi Electris.

Special projects like these often emerge from convenings and dialogues with members of the Institute's Founders Circle and other highly engaged funding partners and practitioners in the field. The Institute welcomes inquiries from prospective partners about opportunities to develop new mission-aligned special projects together.

Please contact Josh Humphreys to explore these special opportunities with the Institute.