Just Transitions

Researchers at Croatan Institute are modeling a variety of pathways to a future that transcends today's over-reliance on carbon-intensive fossil fuels.  These efforts range from designing fossil-free investment portfolios to exploring the requirements for a more robust reinvestment ecosystem to support just transitions beyond extractive economies. 





  • Racial Equity, Economics, Finance, and Sustainability (REEFS)

    REEFS is an initiative coordinated by Croatan Institute with a growing group of advisers and partners seeking to address structural racism within finance and to integrate racial equity as an explicit factor of analysis and engagement within total portfolio approaches to investing for social impact.

  • Divest-Invest Philanthropy

    Advising foundations on how to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a clean energy economy.

  • Clean Portfolio Project

    Developing educational fossil-free portfolios using a total portfolio approach to investing in climate solutions.

  • Organic Agriculture Revitalization Strategy

    Re-envisioning organic food and agriculture as an inclusive economic development strategy for revitaling rural places.

  • Action on Climate

    Helping investors examine climate change through various interconnected approaches: integrating climate change into your investments; reducing your portfolio’s carbon intensity, investing in climate solutions, divestment; engaging with corporations, and engaging with policymakers.

  • Fossil-Free Investing for an Appalachian Transition

    Exploring the relevance of the growing movement for fossil-fuel divestment and fossil-free reinvestment to the “Appalachian Transition.” 

  • Institutional Pathways to Fossil-free Investing

    Modeling multiple pathways for colleges, foundations, and other endowed institutions to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a more resilient future.

  • Clean Energy and Bond Finance Initiative

    Developing a framework for institutional investors to invest in clean energy bonds.

  • Navigating Impact

    Helping investors select impact strategies and adopt core metric sets to track performance toward their goals.